Little Miss & Mr. Walker County Baby Contest & Beauty Pageant


​                                 Girls 0-2 years and all boys will register from 2-3pm Pageant will begin at 3:20

Girls 3 and up will register from 4:00-5:00   

We would like to invite you to the 23nd Annual Little Miss & Mr. Walker County Baby Contest & Beauty Pageant.  We have a awesome pageant planned this year.  Every child leaves this event with a crown for the girls and a medallion for the boys.  Everyone is a winner!!   Beautiful New Logo Crowns coming this year for all our queens.  Who will be featured on the website in 2018 as our queens, kings, princess, and prince??  We would like to wish everyone the best of luck at becoming the 2018 Little Miss or Mr. Walker County.   The Little Miss & Mr. Walker County is the oldest county pageant in the county for infant, kids, teens, and boys.  We are known for our beautiful crowns, sashes, other over the top awards, parade rides, and that title everyone is after. 

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